“Amy Radosevich of Artful Equine recently paid us a visit. Chico and Cody were privy to both receive wonderful massages. All I can say is she is awesome! She takes her time, is very knowledgeable, and gentle. She is also so incredibly reasonably priced as well. I highly recommend her! The massage helped Cody so much with his discomfort from arthritis.” - Rest Easy Farm

“I've had such a great and amazing experience with Amy!!! She was super patient with my gelding and only did what he felt comfortable with, she did not push it whatsoever! Amy's got such a great personality and I 110% recommend her to anyone with horses! My gelding has had 2 sessions so far and I can already tell he feels so much better than before I had her come out. Amy is the best ❤ ” - Peyton M.

“What a joy to experience such positive responses from my bff gelding as he is yawning, licking, chewing happily with tension releases. 24 hrs after his deep tissue massage, he was hanging out with me, quietly licking the salt from my hands ... a happy relaxed boy (as apposed to his previous month of cranky ear-pinning snarky fire breathing PTSD:) We will be on a regular schedule until I can carry forward some of the techniques on my own. Highly recommend Amy!” - Bonnie M.

“Happy horse this evening after a massage and body work by Amy. Rosie was a true champ! After experiencing some stiffness and discomfort in the hindquarters this past weekend, Rosie is now moving forward with a longer stride and pep in her step! Thank you for the treatment Amy!” - Judy

“Amy is great! Her calm personality, knowledge, and great horsemanship helped my mare feel so much better after working out all her tight and sore muscles. She's moving better and is much more relaxed! Thank you Amy!” - Alex V.

“I'm a few months behind with submitting a review, for that I am sorry. What I am not sorry about is booking Amy to massage both our horses. She was prompt, pleasant, and explained where the knots were on each horse. She also showed us stretching exercises, which took some time as each horse was different. What impressed me came after she finished the stretches on our horses. She watched us do them on our now relaxed steeds. If we did not do them "exactly right", she showed again. She did not leave until she was positive we got it "right". That was extraordinary! Many times the practitioner does the stretches and then promptly leaves, and you wonder the next day, "Am I doing this exactly right?" With Amy you need not ever wonder that again! I highly recommend Amy. We definitely will be calling her again.”